Volvo Logo

Sweden as a country has been more or less accustomed to a serene environment and lifestyle. Never been one to partake in any “worldly” matters, the same extends to the automobiles they build as well. Though it is now owned by a Chinese holding company, there is one automaker that stayed true to its roots. And that is none other than Volvo. 

Volvo has been around for over a century, but as per their lineage, they believe they started much later after their inception. From the first-ever Volvo OV 4 to the latest Volvo XC90 SUV, the company has seen and experienced a lot. While the initial years and during the World Wars, they were pretty limited in their capacity of producing their masterpieces, the boom came when the acquisitions began in 1950. 

From partnering with Renault to Mitsubishi to General Motors and then to Ford, the brand has seen a lot of changes in ownership. While the design language remained pretty useful and utilitarian but never impressive. It was only after they came under the Chinese Holdings group, Geely that it became spectacular. From the inside to the outside, everything had been rethought and redone to make sure that Volvo becomes great once again. 
Today, they offer sedans, wagons, and SUVs of all sizes to cater to the massive audience they have managed to garner. The prime factor of this following was the sheer luxury and features that were offered by them at a price lower than other brands. This allowed them to enjoy a much wider appeal whilst getting more sales as well.

The sedans carry the “S” nomenclature, wagons carry “V” nomenclature and the SUVs carry “XC” nomenclature. The accompanying number with these marques represents the size. “40” means sub-compact, “60” means compact and “90” means mid-size.