The Camry is one of the most renowned sedans in the American market that has gone on to establish a benchmark for other manufacturers today. Introduced to Americans in 1983, the unique blend of luxury, performance, and opulence offered by this Japanese sedan quickly started to gain a certain fanbase for itself. Gradually, people started inclining towards this new Japanese in town and the native manufacturers like GMC and FCA started taking a hit. 

Though they tried hard, very hard to recuperate the damage caused to them, the Camry just kept on going and never looked back. Over the years of its tenure, it slowly gained the trust of people by proving its reliable powertrain and even outliving some of its owners. Watching their success, Honda also tried to grab their share of the pie with the Accord. Though it failed to damage the Camry’s stature, it did affect the native manufacturers’ hopes to come back into the game.

In 2019, the Camry fed the needs of over 330,000 people as compared to its rivals that barely manage to cross the 200k mark. Moreover, the extensive accessibility of Toyota’s dealerships and its cheaper maintenance costs further help the Camry in achieving this number. That said, the Camry is still going strong with the sales numbers elevating with each passing day. Judging by this, it seems as if the Camry is in no mood to have mercy on its rivals anytime soon.


  • The 4-cylinder engine offers strong fuel economy
  • Plenty of cabin and cargo space


  • Native Infotainment System is outdated
  • Overly Sensitive Advanced driver aids

Toyota Camry Brochures By Year

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