Toyota is a name everyone has heard at least once in their life. After all, they are the second-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and the first to cross the 10 million productions in a year. With over 365K employees around the globe, this Japanese marquee, today operates in over 170 countries with manufacturing units in 51 of these. 

One word that is almost synonymous with the Toyota brand name today is “Reliability”. Their cars are known to withstand the test of time and offer longevity above all else, be it a modest city dweller like the Camry, the go-anywhere Rav4, or the track-biting Supra. The brand caters to a broader customer taste and yes with its flavor of reliability equally instilled in each of these. Toyota is also one of the biggest advocates of alternative fuels and electric vehicles. Today, when most of the manufacturers are still mulling upon alternative fuel technology, Toyota has been doing hybrids and electrics for decades now. 

Toyota’s impact in the states has been evident throughout the years. Toyota’s slogan, “You asked for it, You’ve got it!”, back in 1975, when they first came to the states, says it all. Their initial products like the Corolla and Camry not only fortified America’s love for sedans decades back but also continues to sell in thousands even today. Also, the revolutionary “Prius” needs no introduction.

This humble dream of Kiichiro Toyoda has come a long way since 1933, evolving over the years, incorporating new technologies and cultures, but has always stayed true to what has made them come this far, what their brand truly stands for, their quality, durability and customer service.