Tesla Model S was first of its kind when it made its debut in 2012. The Tesla Model S has brought home many laurels, certified by the industry’s best. The Model S comes in several versions, differing in the energy and equipment. Certified as a full-size luxury sedan in the US, the long-range capability with a scintillating performance has ever-since kept the Model S highly desirable saloon. Model S is a liftback sedan that rides on the future-proof technology.  The worldwide automakers are still chasing to master the traits. Tesla is still experimenting with the new prototypes of Model S with varied specialties, such as, “Plaid Powertrain”, “Chassis upgrades” and even “7-seater” variant. Tesla Model S is a value prospect and is a more premium offering from the automaker. The focus on autonomous technology and over-the-air updates make it a formidable and a distinctive saloon. Tesla’s minimalistic interiors and build quality often fell short when compared to the conventional premium offerings. Tesla’s all-electric cars use regenerative braking to recharge the battery and the absence of repetitive braking on the highway leaves the battery uncharged with no other option, so the real-world range is small on highways. Also, the maintenance might take a toll on the buyers since Tesla’s have a very high maintenance cost.


  • 300-mile projected maximum range
  • Good acceleration from the Performance model
  • Easy and Convenient Supercharger network


  • Unreliable delivery and pricing expectations
  • Poor build quality
  • Tiny third-row seats

Tesla Model S Brochures By Year

Model Name and Make
2016 Tesla Model S Brochure
2015 Tesla Model S Brochure
2014 Tesla Model S Brochure

Tesla Model S Exterior Pictures

Tesla Model S Interior Pictures