Subaru is the fastest-growing automotive brand in the world and for good reason. The two main ingredients in the Subaru recipe that keep people coming back for more. The first being the engine and that’s because it has boxer engine. A layout that runs very smoothly since the pistons on one side better cancel out the motion of the pistons on the other side. 

Despite the differences in the Subaru customer base, there’s one thing they all like in their cars. and that’s the second ingredient, All-wheel-drive. the first production Subaru was launched back in 1972 as the Leone estate wagon. Subaru decided the best way to show off all-wheel capabilities of their cars is to get into rally racing. Subaru rally success showed the world that they were the real deal with their all-wheel-drive system that could stand up to the most abusive racing in the world. This made the WRX an instant performance classic.  

 The entire lineup can be used for a full family getaway and also as a track day vehicle. Subaru was formed in the 1950s by a collection of Japanese companies that formed Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. As a result of which Subaru was formed as the automotive division. The first Subaru car was unveiled in 1954 by the name P-1 which was later changed to Subaru 1500. It was outfitted by a four-cylinder engine, front-wheel wishbone independent suspension and it was also first Japan-made car build on the monocoque body design.

Current Subaru lineup includes vehicles from high performance focused to family concerned cars and wagons. Such as the WRX STI, BRZ, and Forester. The brand is seen as the top-level performance and practicality focused vehicle manufacturer. 

Experts at Subaru are preparing to push ahead into the future and a reflection can be found in the most recent Subaru Ascent which is an extraordinary case of how to get the greatest power and best mileage out of powertrain by putting greater turbos on littler motors. This isn’t the first run form Subaru, they are doing likewise from the 80s by putting greater turbochargers on small motors which can give power outputs of a much bigger engine while returning remarkable miles per gallon.