Rolls-Royce Emblem

Rolls-Royce from the very beginning was one of the finest motorcars around, and to this day remains to be an epitome of ultimate-luxury. The British luxury automobile maker has been in use since 1906. Everything is more than plush with pricing starting at around a quarter-million dollars, with no upper limit for the bespoke creations. The current Rolls-Royce lineup comprises of the Wraith coupe, Ghost sedan, Dawn convertible, and Phantom. The latest is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the first SUV from the brand. The Rolls-Royce tagline “Trusted to deliver excellence; Like nothing else on earth” clearly explains the premium status the automaker enjoys with exclusivity world-wide. Only meant for the rich & affluent, Rolls-Royce chooses who their customers will be. Certainly, these profiling requirements are one of the factors that are driving away potential customers. 

In 1998, BMW purchased the brand and trademarks and since 2003, Rolls-Royce is under the stewardship of BMW marked by the first Phantom sedan from the Goodwood stable. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited now benefits from BMW’s expertise in chassis design and engines to produce an unparalleled level of comfort, luxury, and exclusivity. The retractable Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament and the trademark coach doors are some iconic and exclusive identity elements of the brand.