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Ferdinand Porsche was an automobile engineer credited with many cars that have become part of the rich history of automobiles. His own namesake, however, would not see the name on his creations until 1948. Working out of a small garage in Gmund, Austria, Ferdinand and his son started working on a sports car dubbed the 356. When the shop started with 200 workers, no one could imagine the glory Porsche would attain in the coming decades.

The 356 was very different from the sports car of the time. It used a recycled VW Beetle engine, which was itself Ferdinand’s brainchild, tweaked to produce 40 hp. It was fairly fast but Porsche exceeded several other sports car manufacturers in terms of comfort and reliability. It was something the company would follow up to this day. In 1964, Porsche offered its piece-de-resistance, the 911, to the world. With a powerful boxer engine, nimble dynamics, and cool styling, this was a car that was able to go against most Ferraris, Jaguars, and Maseratis without much trouble.

Whereas other manufacturers have merged into bigger corporations for financial reasons, Porsche has remained independent and profitable. Ferdinand Porsche wanted a manufacturer that could do away with corporate affairs and deliver exactly what the people wanted: a good performance car. With the success of 911, which has the most extensive lineup of any performance car, Porsche dipped its toes into the SUV section with the Cayenne and the luxury sedan market with the Panamera. The 918 Spyder is the fastest supercar to leave the Porsche production line. With the introduction of the all-electric Taycan, Porsche has proved that it is ready to be a part of a future with clean energy.