GMC started life all the way back in 1902 as Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. It didn’t see much action until William C. Durant acquired it in 1909 and made it a subsidiary of General Motors. After the acquisition of Reliance Motor Corporation the following year, both ‘Reliance’ and ‘Rapid’ were dropped from the nomenclature, and the entire division was renamed as ‘GMC’. Durant wanted a dedicated manufacturing hub focused solely on heavy-duty vehicles, and thus established the Rapid Motor Plant 1 in Pontiac, Michigan.

GMC saw large-scale production contracts throughout its life. The brand was responsible for delivering more than 600,000 trucks to the United States Armed Forces during the Second World War. Perhaps the most iconic was the Humvee Light Mobility Vehicle, which was sold to the public as the famous Hummer SUV. After Pontiac Motor Division merged within GMC, the brand broadened its lineup with pickup trucks and SUVs as well.

GMC is most well known today for offering upgraded versions of heavy vehicles manufactured by its sister brand, Chevrolet. The Denali trim of its SUVs and pickups is the most sought after. GMC also has separate production lines for ambulances, transit buses, motorhomes, and fire trucks. With the re-introduction of the Hummer as an all-electric vehicle, the brand is getting ready to make its mark on the world of the future.