Karan Gupta

Karan is an automotive enthusiast unlike any other. You can not have a discussion on cars and not expect him to join in if he's around. But he likes listening to people more than sharing his expertise. That way he can find out more about the other person he believes. There is no bigger turn off for Karan than a person just blabbering about cars without cross-checking their facts. Karan currently owns a Camaro SS but would also like to own a Mustang Roush someday. His love for muscle cars runs deeper than the Grand Canyon.


Sweden as a country has been more or less accustomed to a serene environment and lifestyle. Never been one to partake in any “worldly” matters, the same extends to the automobiles they build as well. Though it is now owned by a Chinese holding company, there is one automaker that stayed true to its roots. …

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In a world dominated by the Europeans, the fresh breeze of air in the world of automobiles comes from the quiet country of South Korea, in the form of Hyundai. The brand came into existence fairly late in comparison to some of the big wigs but managed to make their mark due to their value …

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Brochures

Rollys-Royce Phantom Front View Overview The world of automobiles and aficionados has been simply obsessed with the name Rolls-Royce. And why not it should be? The British luxury automaker has with time been synonymous with one of the finest things that a person can obscure in life. The possession of the Spirit of Ecstacy still …

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Rolls-Royce Wraith

2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Front Angle View Oveview We all are well aware of the obsession the folks at Rolls-Royce have with naming their cars on supernatural forces. One such car is the Ghost. Like who really names one of the finest cars even seen by mankind, Ghost? Well, what’s in the name, and for Rolls, …

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Genesis G90 Brochures

2020 Genesis G90 Porto Red Overview It feels good to be a part of an extravagant, premium, and plush team. However, it feels even better to be the plushest and the most premium part of that team. We are talking about the Genesis G90. The Genesis G90 represents the pinnacle of the Korean brand Hyundai’s …

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Genesis G80 Brochures

2021 Genesis G80 First Reveal Overview Genesis is a very young automaker that was formed by Hyundai with the prime motive of getting into the Luxury league which has been dominated by the Europeans for quite a period of time. One of the most recognized cars from the house of Genesis is the G80.  The …

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Genesis G70 Brochures

2020 Genesis G70 Side View Overview The US automobile market has been the hub of innovations and inspirations. One such inspiration that changed the face of mane car brands is the concept of launching an extravagant branch. Many Japanese carmakers, when the analyzed the market of the nation, they banked upon the opportunity of establishing …

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Alfa-Romeo Stelvio

2020 Alfa-Romeo Stelvio Front Angle View Overview Alfa Romeo- there certainly has to be something captivating about the brand which uses Alfa in its name. Well, there are a lot more things about this Italian auto-marque which are more than captivating and charming.  Founded in the year 1909, Alfa Romeo has been the numero uno …

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