Audi may now be one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, but it had troubled beginnings, to say the least. Although August Horsch created the company as Auto Union in the early 1910s, it didn’t see a proper production line until 1934. Post the Second World War, the Allies had targeted major Audi production facilities which were crucial to the Axis war effort, forcing Audi to begin things anew in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. It was there when several automotive corporations like Volkswagen, Daimler-Benz, and NSU Motorenwerke showed interest in Audi, and the four manufacturers became part of the 4-rings logo that is used to this day.

Audi gained popularity by the excellent F103 sedans, which were sold as Audi 60, 70, 80, and Super 90 after the horsepower they produced. Audi cars were well known for reliability and comfort, along with superior build quality that set it apart from American brands like Ford and Chevrolet. Audi’s tagline is “Vorsprung duch Technik” which is German for “Progress Through Technology”. The manufacturer has stayed true to its claim, bringing about revolutionary technological advancements like All-Wheel Drive, Fuel Stratified Injection(FSI), Direct-Shift Gearbox(DSG), among many others.

Today, Audi is synonymous with luxury and performance value. From speedsters like the Audi R8 to full-sized SUVs like the Q7, Audi caters to a wide variety of automobile markets. It has still not forgotten its roots with the A series of sedans and sportbacks being the best-sellers for the German manufacturer. It has production lines in several countries like India, Spain, Belgium, and Indonesia. The company has a keen eye for the future as well, with the e-Tron SUV and GT coupe being the first in a long line of electric vehicles.