A brand that has been an absolute pourboire to mankind, the Acura has been the name behind some of the greatest Japanese cars to see the face of the dawn. Launched in 1986, as a luxe brand by Honda, Acura has been an immense success since its launch, and paved way for other brands such as Toyota and Nissan to dish out their elite extensions.

One such legend that Acura has brought into existence is the NSX. An acronym for the brand’s New Sportscar eXperimental project, the NSX is a mid-engine sports coupe that first came into being in the year 1990, and has been on a triumphing streak since then. The NSX was a hub of innovation with features such as aluminum built, a high-tech V6 engine, and Honda’s hottest-development – valve timing system.

The NSX became the first witness of the VTEC engines, which gradually changed the face of performance for Honda and Acura products. The first-ever Aura NSX was rated to belt out 270 ponies and 210 lb.-ft. Of torque, which combined could make this ride shoot from 0-60 mph in just 5.7 seconds, a figure that could make other sportscars to hide their faces in embarrassment.

From its first-ever production model of the 90s to the latest generation hyper-motoring, the NSX has gone through an album of serene updates. The latest-gen was unveiled in 2017, which continues till yet. The outgoing model houses a 3.5L Twin-turbo V6 engine, which further teams up with a set of electric motors, to fabricate 573 ponies and 476 lb.-ft. Of the spinning force. The current-gen Acura NSX can propel from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds, thus making a place in the “Sacred 3” league of supercars.


  • Agile around corners
  • Great visibility with a comfortable ride
  • The hybrid drivetrain provides instant torque and good fuel economy


  • No improvement in the infotainment system
  • Transition btw gas to electric feels clumsy

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